melon for sale
melon for sweet
relief from the parching strength of the afternoon high

the pieces you fed me were sweeter than my own,
scooped with a plastic spork and a smile wide enough to attract
a photographer who thought we couldn't see

well, you couldn't see, and you fed me,
unaware of the news we’d yet to make

no, you scooped up the hot pink
tickly sweet juices that would soon
drip down my chin and rest in the crook of my neck before they dried

you'd have a nice surprise later, when you went to kiss me there,
no longer hot pink but still just as sweet as the liquid that had pooled,
that had stopped before it stained my collar or dripped on my shoes

and though i didn't want to get up then,
now i know i had to
to taste the juice that dripped off you,
as you carried the fruit back

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