Lady Strolls the Bowery Topless on Hot Summer Day

Sometimes it's so hot you just don't want to wear a shirt, right, ladies? On Monday, one such female took to the Bowery, inspiring a variety of reports from various people on Twitter. Plus photos, because who's not going to take a picture of a nekkid lady (from the waist up) strolling around all devil-may-care in downtown New York City? Bowery Boogie reports that Matt Kosoy saw the woman under the scaffolding at 185 Bowery, where she was walking at a brisk pace and, despite her lack of shirt, had a pocketbook over her shoulder. (Gotta put the credit cards somewhere!) Moments later, Olivia Knoepfel saw her on Prince Street, where she was intercepted by cops and apparently issued a ticket. More (slightly NSFW) photography after the jump.

Just imagine what our girl will wear tomorrow, when we hit 99 degrees!

Update: About the legality of female toplessness in the city... Yes, Ladies, You Can Walk Around the City Topless Also...Topless Woman Went to Midtown and Central Park, Too


Bowery Boogie




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