Lance Armstrong Shows You His Scar

Lance Armstrong Shows You His Scar

Over the weekend, Lance Armstrong shared with his rabid Twitter fan base a photo of himself with his new, big scar.

Earlier, he had posted a video to tell fans how he felt after the operation, and showed X-ray footage of the gnarly 12-screw plate now holding together the various parts of his clavicle.

Knowing that his fans wanted even more, he gave them a close-up of the scar:

Lance Armstrong Shows You His Scar

And then, to cheer everyone up, Lance showed that he's back on a stationary bike only three days after surgery! But we didn't grab that photo in time, which Twitter has now taken down with no explanation provided. (Lance earlier had indicated something was wrong with TwitPic, so maybe this is just a temporary glitch.)

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Well, enjoy these shots of his scar while you still can.

UPDATE: Looks like TwitPic is working again. Here's that shot of our miracle man already getting in some virtual miles:

Lance Armstrong Shows You His Scar

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