Let the Careerists Die

A friend passed along this item regarding the double suicide of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake:

"I'm sure you've been reading about the suicide couple—the chick killed herself at St. Mark's, the dude walked into the waves at Far Rockaway. Pieces in The LA Times, LA Weekly, NY Observer, etc., etc.

"Always praised as intelligent, brilliant— a little unstable, yeah— but otherwise an artistic 'it' couple. But they'll get no love from LES fixture Clayton Patterson, quoted in The Villager"

Clayton Patterson, who owns an Essex St. gallery, said that art-world big wheels like Blake and Duncan relocating to the East Village shows how much the neighborhood has changed.

“It was shocking to me that people who were so career oriented came to the Lower East Side,” he said.“People always tried to escape the Lower East Side — Madonna, Ginsberg, they all made it elsewhere. The Lower East Side has always been about struggle. It’s now a careerist neighborhood.”


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