Letters 10.29.08

The pleasure is all ours

Please add to 'Best of NYC' [October 15–21] that the New York City Council is the best place for "Pay for Play" campaign contributors to influence elected officials.

Larry Penner

Great Neck, New York

N-word pleez!

I enjoyed Raquel Cepeda's piece on the n-word becoming commonplace in the Latin community ['Lost in Translation,' October 22–28]. Born and raised in Washington Heights, I hear it and have heard it on a daily basis. Even recent arrivals who speak barely a lick of inglés throw a "nigga" in there, followed by a "knamean"!

Granted, it's become the word in the past five years, what with the rise of the 50 Cent/Lil Wayne school of rap. And even Mr. "Hip-Hop Is Dead" called his album NIGGER—any real hip-hop fan knows why Nas was going to call it that, however.

You mention Immortal, who is an amazing artist, but he is about as street-accessible as Buck 65. He ain't gettin' bumped in the Jeeps 'n' the Lexes. He is the new Public Enemy of sorts, so I find it odd that he would use the n-word, but hey, more power to ya, brother. I'll keep bumpin' ya shit.

You failed to mention Tru Life, the Boricua MC from the LES who uses "nigga" in just about every other sentence. Is it because he is really in the street and has the right to, or 'cuz he's Boricua, and Boricuas and blacks started hip-hop together?

Good article, and do your homework, all you kiddies out there who listen to hip-hop today! Ya dig?

Shem Herman


Very insightful. Hopefully, articles like this one will keep chipping away at the misconception that being Latino automatically means being non-black. I'm also extremely pleased by the always necessary reminder that the so-called Latin-American racial democracy is just a myth.

Raquel Z. Rivera

via internet

Raquel Cepeda provokes thought! This particular piece asks readers to question themselves on a very profound level—especially the readers who have been influenced by or have contributed to hip-hop culture.

Djinji Brown

via internet

Don't blame France. Blame Bush.

I am surprised you bothered to print an elementary error like Michael Washburn's letter [October 22–28]. It isn't France—as he said—but rather the Center for Constitutional Rights that wants to bring down Bush for his war crimes of torture and other prisoner abuse. Anything of which "France" may be guilty is irrelevant to the case.

Also, the case has nothing to do with "lecturing" or "looking down" on the U.S.—it accuses a handful of us of violating treaties while in command of the world's most powerful military. Try asking yourself: Who approved the torture, and was that legal?

Rich Fiekowsky

Wantagh, new  york

King Mike

Re Roy Edroso's 'After Term Limits Overthrow, Era of Bad Feelings Commences' [Runnin' Scared (Web-only), October 23]: So just because there is a crisis, the individual currently in power can exclaim, "Emergency!" and frighten the City Council into rushing forward with a decision that ought to be considered with careful deliberation?

Of course, it isn't the end of the Free West as we know it if term limits are abolished, but whenever something this serious is on the table, it shouldn't be passed in panic. That's a dangerous precedent.

For instance, when does the "crisis" end? How long can we "choose" to have Bloomberg remain mayor?

Matty B.

via internet

If ever New York City needed a skilled hand at the helm to steer our city out of the economic disaster—I'd like to see Michael Bloomberg serve a third term as mayor.

He has done a difficult but admirable job of restoring some of the charisma and magnetism that were once thought to be part of the city's character—and without the braggadocio and self-aggrandizing reminiscent of some of our past mayors.

Considering the track record our city has had with mayors, if you've got a good thing, don't throw it away. Our country certainly did not suffer when FDR raised us out of the darkness to see the light, and it certainly took more than two terms.

Nicholas Zizelis


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