Letters 11.12.08

Jolie rollers

Re J. Hoberman's 'Angelina Jolie Suffers for Us All in Changeling' [October 22–28]: Ignore the Angelina Factory sycophants, Hoberman. With critics like Lane and Denby becoming increasingly preposterous over at The New Yorker, you remain one of the few reliable voices in print. Keep the faith!

Stephen Conn
via internet

You know the drill

Re Wayne Barrett's 'Book of Sarah' [October 8–14]: It must be very nice to live in a world where everything can be perceived as good and evil. Good is, I guess, Democrats and liberal causes, and evil is Republicans and especially anyone who sees the merits of drilling for domestic oil and natural gas.

The writer of this article is really no different from the fundamentalist Christian who sees the world as good and evil based on adherence to a doctrine that doesn't require careful thought—just zeal. For someone to support oil and natural-gas drilling does not make them corrupt.

K. Bliss
via internet

Lease of their worries

Re Maria Luisa Tucker's 'Building, Sweet Building' [Runnin' Scared, October 1–7]: What everyone seems to have failed to notice is that these soulless yuppie slimeballs gamed the system by buying the building for $800,000—a fair valuation that was made on the basis that it contained rent-stabilized tenants.

They then exploited a law that was meant to allow landlords to inhabit a single residence in order to take over the entire building. By doing so, they are massively increasing the value of the building—it would easily be worth $2 million–plus after this conversion.

Why aren't those who claim that rent-stabilized tenants are somehow "stealing" also irate about the fact that these landlord creeps have totally exploited a system of laws that are meant to protect the rights and, yes, the basic humanity of both landlords and tenants in order to massively enrich themselves?

David M.
via internet

This woman has lived there for near-free for 28 years. Enough is enough.

She is not disabled. She was sick and is now well. She is only claiming that to look for a legal loophole to allow her to continue to take advantage of the landlords. As for the rest of the people bitching about these landlords: Hey, go buy a building yourself and rent it out to your deadbeat friends for $400 per month per unit.

Michael Fortunato
via internet

Keep it on ice

Re Richard Bienstock's 'For Those About to Shop at Wal-Mart . . .' [October 22–28]: Bienstock writes that AC/DC's new record, Black Ice, is on "exclusive lockdown" at Wal-Mart, and the headline to his review wishes us "[g]ood luck getting it."

Yeah, OK. As the great sage Chuck D once advised, "Don't believe the hype." In fact, one can acquire a brand-new copy of this CD for less than 10 bucks on Amazon. And if you want it on vinyl, they have it at your nearest Virgin store. Mystery solved.

David Leifer

The parties are over

Re The black letter-writers [October 22–28] and their political loyalties: Their smug boasts of political knowledge is laughable. There is no such thing as an intelligent, erudite black Democrat or Republican—it's an oxymoron!

Both parties in the past approved slavery and overlooked lynchings, Jim Crowism, etc., into the '60s. Black Democrats and Republicans, in their collective acquiescence to the white power structure, are the enemy of true black progress.

Clyde Lenny Dinkins
Irvington, New jersey


The Voice's recent story on Sarah Palin, 'The Book of Sarah' [Wayne Barrett, October 8–14] stated that Blase Burkhart had been awarded a $500,000 contract as architect on a $12.5 million Wasilla hockey center project. Burkhart tells the Voice that the architecture contract actually came to more than $900,000 in an overall budget that amounted to $14.8 million. Also, Burkhart says he wasn't appointed to a builders committee on the project, as the story stated, but only "facilitated" that committee. And although Burkhart's firm had worked previously with the builder chosen for the project, Howdie Inc., Burkhart says this was his first time working with Howdie builder Todd Nugent.

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