Letters 11.19.08

Sweet Lorain

Re Tom Robbins's 'How Obama's Hopesters Took Ohio' [November 12–18]: I graduated from Lorain High School in 1973. The town has been decimated by economic downturn, short-sighted leadership, and a lack of investment direction. And the bridge is up since June!? Oh my goodness, what a sad story.

It's played out across this country and around the world, I'm sure, but I crossed that bridge daily going to and from high school. Sad, sad, sad. I'll reach out to Reclaim Lorain and join them in their efforts to remake our city.

R. Jenkins
via internet

Haven or hell

Re 'Insane Asylum' [November 12–18]: Thank you, Elizabeth Dwoskin, for highlighting yet another glaring example of the startling collateral damage caused by the Patriot Act's sweeping mandate.

As Dwoskin aptly notes, the Bush administration has cast a trawling net in search of tuna, but keeps reeling in harmless dolphins. If DHS or Immigration officials would take to using that rational, analytical blob located three feet above their asses, a vital tool that trawling nets lack, then we just might be able to halt the ludicrous injustices that law-abiding Americans like Karmakar and Rasul are experiencing.

Unfortunately, these bureaucratic drones refuse to wake up and smell the tuna.

Jake Englander

This is a great article. Thanks for sharing this information. I'm going to see what I can do to help the people who are advocating to clean this situation up. I'd like for Karmakar, Rasul, and others like them to get their green cards. They deserve it.

Ann M.
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Posting Bond

Re Robert Wilonsky's review of Quantum of Solace [Film, November 12–18]: Just another reviewer who expects Bond to be big and brash instead of dark and faithful to the novels.

Alex Antonetz
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Hip replacement

Re Richard Belzer's essay in 'The Axis of Hip' [October 29–November 4]: Hey, Belzer, when you say things like you are "genuinely afraid" of McCain, I know it's supposed to mean that even you, a tough, fearless, macho beast, are afraid of this guy.

So we're supposed to think, "Wow, if Belzer is afraid, I should be, too." But you know what? When you say you're "genuinely afraid," it just makes you sound like a pussy.

Ivan Slotzky
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Richard Foreman goes on and on and on [in the 'Axis of Hip' essay] about how Barack Obama "seems like the Antichrist" and then says to elect him?

Richard, with friends like you, Obama doesn't need any enemies. And if you're going to wallow in that kind of right-wing fundamentalist ignorance and superstition, you would appear to be your own worst enemy.

This is the best the Voice can do to define "the axis of the hip"? It sounds more like the "Axis of Hipocrisy."

Michael Brown

Why not?

Re Michael Musto's 'Me and Paris Hilton: The Q&A' [November 12–18]: Why were you so rude to her?

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>Watch your language!

Re the film review of Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom [Tracking Shots, October 21]: I am truly saddened that in the year 2008, your paper allowed critic Ernest Hardy to use the word "Negro" (which means "negative growth") in his review. The term is "African-American." I know that if he were reviewing a movie with Jennifer Lopez, you would have edited the review if it used the word "spic"!

Terrie Chavis

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