Letters 12.3.08

Limitless ego

Re Wayne Barrett's 'The Transformation of Mike Bloomberg' [November 19–25]: Among the very best articles, ever. Also among the scariest.

Lee Daniels
via internet

Rightly, Barrett exposes conniving Mayor Bloomberg for what he truly is: a self-centered, egomaniacal billionaire who will spend millions and do anything to serve a third mayoralty term.

Here are the facts: Bloomy called a previous attempt by others to extend term limits "an absolute disgrace," and the past two years, he was obsessed in his pursuit of the presidency, or at least of being a vice-presidential nominee. Both failed! If you New Yorkers let Bloomy get away with raping your vote of term limits then I suggest you each get a jar of vaseline ready for the next Bloomberg dictate.

Clyde Lenny Dinkins
Irvington, New jersey

Guns and neuroses

Re Rob Harvilla's 'Why Chinese Democracy's Fine Print Is Way More Fun Than the Record Itself,' [November 26–December 2]: Many thanks to photographer George Chin for treating us to a shot of Axl Rose "lookin' good" for Chinese Democracy. The only "train wreck" I noticed was created by your music editor (the one who bought the record "just to read the liner notes").

I imagine that most fans of GnR and Axl Rose are in it for the music. I caught the pre-release Internet stream of Chinese Democracy and loved all but the second track. As for the rest of the noise surrounding the record, just calm down, take another deep breath, and understand that Rose does what he does because he can. Could you?

Susan Baus

Seat of power

Re Neil deMause's 'The Yanks' Suite Deal With Bloomberg' [villagevoice.com, November 30]: So where do residents apply for an opportunity to win a day at their taxpayer-funded luxury box? With about 81 games per year, that's 81 lucky families.

via internet

Death penalties

Re Graham Rayman's 'Rikers Death Forces Out High Jail Official' [villagevoice.com, November 26]: It is not surprising that another young man has lost his life at the Island of Terrors. What is surprising is that this hasn't happened more often, especially when the animals are in control of the zoo.

Eddie Santiago
via internet

Closing the books

Can an old pal pass, with so little notice paid? I was saddened to learn of the final closing a few weeks back of Manhattan's Donnell Library, on East 53rd, across from the Museum of Modern Art.

I'm not sure when I first fell in love with the Donnell, but it was one of the jewels of the New York Public Library system. Seeing so many of the library's shelves already emptied of their books early last summer was almost like discovering the skeleton of a friend, as I walked through what had become a Dewey Decimal ghost town.

I know that the library's collection, and valued employees, have simply transferred to other branches, but I wonder where the local community will now turn.

James H. Burns
Valley Stream, New York

Wanted: Arts interns

The Voice is accepting applications for its winter/spring arts internships. Applicants should be excellent writers and be familiar with New York's theater, film, art, or books scenes. The internships, which are part-time and unpaid, are limited to enrolled college or graduate students who are able to earn academic credit for their participation.

Applicants should mail or e-mail a cover letter, résumé, and writing samples to Brian Parks, Arts and Culture Editor, The Village Voice, 36 Cooper Square, New York, New York 10003 (bparks@villagevoice.com). Applications are due by January 1.

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