Letters 6.04.08

Youse guys ain't country

Having enjoyed great country music in Tucson, Arizona, for more than a decade, I read with great interest Marc Ferris's 'This Here's Brooklyn Country' [May 28–June 3]. Alas for Brooklyn, with the notable exceptions of Citigrass, Wingdale Community Singers, and a handful of others, none of the local acts measure up to Tucson's internationally acclaimed the Mollys, Giant Sand, and Calexico.

Dock Oscar's inane assertion regarding this music's "communal" aspect is one that could also describe the terrific jazz performances I've heard locally from the David Grossman Trio or George Gee's swing bands, or the superb classical-music concerts at the Austrian Cultural Forum. With regards to country music, Brooklyn is still a minor-league town.

John Kwok

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Mugabe at work

Re Nat Hentoff's 'Slow-Motion Horror Show' [May 28–June 3]: Mugabe's regime has been so clearly destructive that history will harshly judge all who stand idly by while the Zimbabweans suffer.

If Mugabe serves much longer, his presidency could outdistance the declining average life span of his citizenry. Even if he steps down after the June run-off election, it will take many years to restore the country's once-blossoming systems of education, health, and agriculture.

Mugabe began his career as a teacher. He would have served Zimbabwe far better had he remained one.

William E. Cooper

Professor, U. of Richmond

Midlothian, Virginia

Anger in the city

Re Ella Taylor's 'Cheap Sex' [May 28–June 3]: Ms. Taylor seems a bit angry. I thought Sex and the City was to be a fun experience. But hey, she has the column in the Voice, so there!

John Montalvo

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Reality trip

Re Maria Luisa Tucker's 'Political Surrealism' [Runnin' Scared, May 7–13]: I recently read your article about the decision to give the Aesthetic Realism Foundation a grant. I would encourage anyone to look carefully at exactly how Aesthetic Realism can encourage a person to see reality in a better way. You will find logic, common sense, and goodwill.

I was fortunate enough to study the philosophy in the early '90s, and what I have learned from Aesthetic Realism has been immensely useful in both my personal and professional life. I will always be thankful for this.

David Di Gregorio

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Get bent

Re Michael Musto's 'Daddy Diaries' [May 14–20 and May 21–27], I have one thing to say to you people: You can kiss our heartland asses.

We live by a different set of rules in the heartland than you people do. We do not believe in gay marriage, and we will not support something that goes against our beliefs. Musto is a sorry excuse for a reporter, and he may think he's standing up for the morally retarded, but he's just a moron who, deep down, wishes he was a woman.

Lyndsey Keesee

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Temple of Dumb

Re Robert Wilonsky's 'Indiana Jones and the Fortress of Sad Decline' [May 21–27]: The only thing that connects this awful movie to the previous Indiana Jones movies is that there's a guy named Indiana Jones in it. Weak storyline. Horrible script. Underdeveloped characters. It was just one action scene after another, loosely connected by a REALLY thin plot. I felt as if I were watching Phantom Menace again.

What a disappointment.

Johnny Pantalones

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