Re Wayne Barrett's 'Bloomberg's Dark Knight' [March 11–17]: Just so you will know, Bradley Tusk is one of the most brilliant, the most selfless, the most ethical, the most empathetic and generous individuals I have ever known. This I can say unequivocally, without the slightest doubt. Can you say the same about the statements in your article?

Peggy Manley

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Not U2!

Re Rob Harvilla's 'No U2 Schadenfreude, Baby' [March 11–17]: Congrats to the Voice. I just wanted to say that as he did with Radiohead's In Rainbows review, and continues to do with every review, Harvilla is spot-on when he tackles U2's No Line on the Horizon. As a fan of U2 since the early '80s, I can honestly say he gets it right.

Yup, as sad or disappointing as it is (and Harvilla gets perfect this fact in particular), U2 made their first true stinker. Makes one long for the days when pop was considered bad. After seeing other magazines and newspapers glow about the new album (ass-kissers Rolling Stone, with its latest ugly cover photo, comes to mind first), I was starting to think it was me. It's good to know it's not me. Or you, either.

Marc Rampulla


This review is pure bias against U2. No question. It's by far their best work since Achtung Baby.


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Thanks for being honest and not slapping a five-star review on an album that doesn't deserve it!


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Yo, Rob. Dude, it's your mom. It pains me to once again hear you trash the greatest rock band in the history of our planet. No Line on the Horizon is classic U2. Did you actually listen to the CD? You are so off the mark on this one, son! We thought we raised you with a true appreciation for fine music. Obviously, we were wrong.

In spite of our great disappointment, we had a family meeting and decided you can still join us for Thanksgiving dinner. You'll have a place of honor at the kids' table. Love ya! But Bono rocks!!

Barb Harvilla

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Harvilla replies: Hi, mom.


Re Sarah DiGregorio's ' 'Cue for the Gentry' [February 25–March 3]: I used to live in Prospect–Lefferts Gardens and would have loved to eat at this place. If you live in PLG and don't like Caribbean food, take-out, or junky fast food, you are pretty screwed if you don't like to cook.

Why is it that every time a new restaurant that is the slightest bit upscale opens up in PLG, some columnist has to play up the angle of, "Whitey wants a new place to eat so they can pretend they're in Park Slope"? Gimme a break—and some ribs and a beer, too.

Jen Treefire

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The Gitmo daze

Re Tim Elfrink and Jesse Hyde's 'Guantánamo's Final Days' [February 25–March 3]: I am in the military and spent time in Afghanistan and sympathize with the difficulty of telling the good guys from the bad guys. Guantánamo was a terrible mistake. Locking people up indefinitely without a fair and speedy trial is the ultimate un-American activity. It is a copout to use the fear card and say that we'll lock them up "just in case."

Cops face this dilemma everyday. That is why we have a separate judiciary to weigh the evidence against an individual in a setting where both the prosecution and the defense have access to both the individual and the evidence. Locking people up based on classified information is a huge no-no. That person can never receive a fair trial. We will be paying the price for this travesty of justice for years to come. It only gives the radicals' recruiters more talking points.


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