Bait and snitch

Re Jared Irmas's 'Year of the Rats' [February 13–19]: "Proactive counterterrorism operation"? Sounds like a plain old setup to me.

This is what the FBI is spending its time and our money on? Outrageous.

Obviously the threat of real terrorists isn't as grave as the government would have us believe—or government officials are so inept that they have to fabricate investigations because they can't find any of the real guys.

Either way, we lose.

Too bad the American people can't be bothered enough to care. Maybe after another 9/11? Nah, they'll just take away more of our civil liberties and target more innocent Muslims.


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Bad medicine

Re Sean Gardiner's 'A Shot Reputation' [February 6–12]: Does anyone else think it's unlikely that a pharmacist would use a gun to kill himself, when he has an arsenal of less painful methods available on his store shelves?

Especially in light of the fact that he was going to testify against drug dealers?Suicide? I think not.


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Rossi commited suicide just like Bush won the election.


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Death by hanging out

Re Noah Sudarsky's 'One John, Two Corpses' [February 13–19]: Does it surprise anyone that the cops couldn't care less about a couple of gay hookers? I'm sure that as far as they're concerned, the more dead the better.


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Petal pushers

Re Abigail Deutsch's review of 'The Blue Flower' [Sightlines, February 13–19]:

After reading this review, I have to wonder what show Ms. Deutsch was watching.

Implying that this show was bungled is not only insensitive and insulting to the exquisite craft that went into this production, but is also simply wrong. The intricacy of the music, timed precisely with live narrative, movement, and collage-like film projections, is the antithesis of the inept portrait that Ms. Deutsch paints.

My only hope is that readers of the Voice will be smart enough to ignore the snippy comments of this writer and catch this innovative show while there is still time.


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It sounds as though Ms. Deutsch was not paying attention; her brief piece is flippant, juvenile, and, frankly, a journalistic blight on a typically articulate publication such as the Voice.

I have a huge number of friends who, though still editing and writing for college papers, write and think with far more care­. Can one of them have her job?

Tim J.

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Gallows humor

Re Rob Harvilla's 'The Sublime Enchantments of Bad Hardcore' [February 13–19]: Disaster? Disaster?! Sounds like a brilliant show in my book. It used to be that HC shows were full of tension and danger and totally provocative singers. Now they seem to be popularity contests in which each successive band vies for a greater share of adulation.

Your Gallows experience should be considered a quality event by today's American Idol standards—we love superstars, but we love floundering jack-asses so much more! Kudos to Gallows for kicking ass and taking names!


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One hep cat

While completing a crossword puzzle, I happened to see this definition of "panjandrum" in the 1982 edition of the American Heritage Dictionary: "A muckamuck: 'Once an editor of a ladies' magazine and now a panjandrum of the publishing business.' (Nat Hentoff)."

Nat just gets into everything!

Arthur Aptowitz

Forest Hills

Editor's note: Hentoff is also cited in the Oxford English Dictionary as one of the early jazz writers to use the word "cat," among other terms.

Give praise

Just read Greg Tate's article ['Tom Terrell, 1951–2007,' December 12–18] about Tom Terrell (thanks to a link from DJ Smash's MySpace profile). I love Greg's writing and now I love Tom Terrell, and I'm very sorry I didn't know him before.

It's too late to tell Tom how I feel, but not too late for Greg. Please tell him I dig his stuff "while he can hear . . . ," like the song "Give Me My Flowers" we used to sing at funerals in church.

t bird

Barcelona, Spain

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