AIDS babies

Re Elizabeth Dwoskin's 'The AIDS-Babies-as-Guinea-Pigs Story Is Finally Over. Right?' [April 1–7]: Dwoskin has the nerve to accuse another reporter of being on a crusade? Give me a break. She's riding a pretty high horse herself. I hate it when articles show a writer's subtle bias. Fortunately, that was not the case with this one.

Statements on the first page disclose an agenda to back up establishment "science," dissent be damned. I'm not surprised to read a hatchet job in the Voice, but am really puzzled about the motives behind this one.


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It's amazing that it's taken so long for someone to realize that this "scandal" was a carefully crafted piece of propaganda aiming to promote the lie that HIV does not cause AIDS.


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Well? Is the story over or not? It's difficult to know from this article. Were foster children harmed by the AIDS drugs trials or not?


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This is horribly one-sided. These children were considered disposable because they were black and brown.

Michael Perry

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Gimme shelter

Re Tom Robbins's 'Bloomberg's Homeless Pledges Fell Far Short' [March 18–24]: Mr. Robbins, clearly, brings this plight to "sight" because it is easy to ignore. In that process of turning away, perhaps the bailout will allow the homeless to once again be "seen." Great article!

Joanne Pacicca

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Dear diary . . .

Re P.J. Tobia's 'Afghaniscrewed' [March 25–31]: Afghanistan has never been successfully conquered; Afghanistan has never posed a threat as a government to us, yet we now own the war. To complain about corruption versus the subjugation of women and the murder of apostates is akin to complaining about an insect bite to a cancer victim.

Without opining on the merits of the invasion, you seem to merely have presented us with a personal diary of your vacation.


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Give Britney a break

Re Rob Harvilla's 'The Hesitant Triumph of Britney Spears' [March 18–24]: I'm not the average Britney fan. Why? Cause I'm black and into hip-hop. I have a mouth full of gold teeth, but I have a college degree.

In the past, I see your newspaper has criticized Britney a lot, but come on, she came a long ways in a year. Have you ever seen her charity work? Yes, she gives time and money—look it up. I'm only asking you to give credit when it is due, not just criticism. She's been through a lot and is trying. We all make mistakes, including you.


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In 'Shakedown at the Pension Fund' [March 25–31], Tom Robbins erred in describing Levine Leichtman Capital Partners as a "client" of indicted political consultant Hank Morris. Although documents filed in connection with the case give that impression, subsequent information suggests that Levine Leichtman was unaware that legitimate fees it paid to secure pension fund work were allegedly secretly shared with Morris.

Elizabeth Dwoskin's 'After the Fall' [April 1–7] erroneously reported that former Incarnation Children's Center nurse Mimi Pascual said she was instructed to replace stomach tubes that children receiving medicine had removed. She was actually referring to tubes that are inserted into the nose.


Voice staff writer Graham Rayman has won the Pass Award for 2008 from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency for his continuing coverage of murder and other violence at the Rikers Island jails.

Among Rayman's stories were 'Top Rikers Drug Counselor Busted for Selling Heroin and Cocaine' [February 27, 2008], 'Woman-on-Woman Rape Claim at Rikers' [August 5, 2008], 'Teen Murder at Rikers Jail' [November 18, 2008], and 'More Heads Roll in Wake of Rikers Jail Murder' [December 1, 2008].

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