The sound of one hand clapping

Re Rob Harvilla's 'Please Do Not Taunt the Maneater' [April 22–28]: Harvilla's flippant article regarding Neko Case and her performances at the Nokia Theater was a total waste of a page. To belittle her fans is low. Yes, of course there was cheering. What did he expect? An orchestra's audience, who only claps at the end? Sit silently and roll your eyes "heavenward," Mr. Harvilla; it must be a thrill to exist above the rest of us—including Ms. Case herself.

Mary Woodward


Hangin' with Michael Lucas

Re Michael Musto's 'The Naked Truth About Porn Prince Michael Lucas' [April 22–28]: Michael Lucas is vile. Just because he dresses up, combs his hair, and isn't fat doesn't mean he's not a common sleazy porn producer.


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Michael Lucas is the epitome of the anti-sleazy porn guys—that's why he gets all this attention. He's different, and I think he's great.


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I love Lucas's sense of humor. An immigrant from Russia, and he came and built an empire—and we all can't stop talking about him. That is the American Dream.


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As far as those who somehow believe that Michael Lucas has somehow elevated himself from the "sleaze" factor of gay porn, they need only look at a few of his most recent productions to see how wrong they are. I do, however, believe that his very strong stand on condom use should get more attention than it does. If Lucas bothers you, then talk with your wallet and not with your mouth.

Chris M.

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The rap on Roth

Re Zach Baron's 'Asher Roth, Upper-Middle-Class and Rising' [April 22–28]: Asher Roth is lame. This article is lame. And your shit rag of a paper is lame. You guys live and write in NYC, the home of a zillion hip-hop acts, and this is the best you can do? How about you make the long journey up to the Bronx and do some digging and come back with some gold nuggets, not this pre-processed, payola-fueled bullshit?

Rodney Sailes

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Vanilla Iced Latte.


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What is it with people? Whites get all kinds of awards when they replicate anything that is remotely soulful. Vanilla Ice, Eminem, and Amy Winehouse—losers.


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Thanks for the article—very well-written. I like Asher Roth. His music is catchy and chill to listen to. And even though "White people can't rap," he works with what he has. I'd rather have a nerdy white-boy rapper than a poser/wigger.


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50 sense

Re Erik Parker's 'The New Rap Battle' [April 15–21]: Well-written and nicely documented.


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Public school daze

Re Elizabeth Green's 'Harlem's School Choice' [April 8–14]: By focusing on these two schools, this article ignores the larger picture: The Department of Education is purposely ignoring the legal right of Community Education Councils (CECs) to make these decisions—whether to close zoned schools—because the CECs uniformly oppose this decision. The proliferation of charter schools is ripping up communities, and the administration is using this tactic to undermine and destroy the whole notion of neighborhood schools, which will then allow them to further privatize the system.

The administration is using every tool in its arsenal to cut public schools loose from their communities. As Joel Klein has often said to District 2 parents who complain about the class size and overcrowding at their neighborhood schools, people have "choices." But increasingly, parents are being denied the most basic choice of all: to send their child to their neighborhood public school.

Leonie Haimson

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