What is it with Sean Gardiner? "Frisk Management" [December 12–18] last week, and now "Cops on Steriods" [December 19–25] this week? Does he write anything else except derogatory stories about cops? The NYPD does a damn good job protecting us.

Bad, dirty cops? Sure, they exist. But for every bad cop there are thousands that are outstanding, honest, and willing to die to protect the community.

The pay they get to protect us is despicable, yet they go to work every day to protect people like Gardiner and all the other cop haters in this city.

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How about writing a positive article about the NYPD just once in The Village Voice? Do you know what NYC would be without cops? Chaos, pure chaos. The NYPD cops have to make a decision in a second when there is a gun pointed at them or a knife-wielding deranged man running to- ward them.

Gardiner had time to research his articles, and they were still trash. "Cops on Steriods"? I think the Enquirer had an article similar to that last week—right next to "Britney Spears in Love With an Extraterrestrial."

Jenifer Badamo


Re Allen Barra's "Baseball Shoots Up" [December 19–25]: To some extent, at least, it's ironic that in what's been termed baseball's homophobic clubhouses, these steroids cheats were lifting their butts for one another.

Jim Burns
Valley Stream


Re Maria Luisa Tucker's "Exterminating Angel" [December 5–11]: As far as I can tell, Brigitte Harris is not mentally disturbed, never acted in self-defense in the heat of the moment, and sure as "evil fuck" is no angel.

That every stripe of suits from politicans to feminists to Voice writers make vapid attempts to elevate both Harris and Carleen Goodridge above the law only justifies abolishing the assault laws all the more—not the Rockefeller drug laws.

Finally, in publishing that sordid article in the first place, the Voice proves once more why Democrats won Congress more by default than merit.

Pierre Brown


Re Michael Feingold's review of Trumpery in "Stuffed Happens" [December 12–18]: Feingold writes about a "quintessentially American fetishizing of originality," but the assignment of precedence making or breaking a career in the international scientific community isn't an exclusively American obsession.

Feingold actually wants another play, one that addresses the ramifications of the theory of evolution by natural selection that these two men conjured.

Perhaps he wants one in which Wallace, the freethinker who was ultimately something of a creationist, argues with Darwin, the former seminarian who came to the radical realization that God must necessarily be excluded from the equation. Now wouldn't that be timely?

Alan Zdinak


Re Maria Luisa Tucker's "Zoned Out" [December 12–18]: Please do not allow the university to kick blacks out of Harlem. Make a fuss and picket. Moving folks as if they were slaves—Columbia has few black students and is a racist place.

Why not turn the tables and demand that the university help rebuild Harlem and incorporate blacks into its system? Do not allow the city to give school officials eminent domain. They have only used Harlem and have not helped the people at all.

Sherrian Haggar
Portland, Oregon


Re John DeSio's "Bill to Ban Horse & Carriages Met With Unbridled Anger" [December 7]: This article on the horse-drawn carriages was biased. How can your paper support this industry? I am very disappointed in the Voice. These horses do not belong on New York City streets in the 21st century.

Roxanne Delgado


Re Greg Tate's "Tom Terrell, 1951–2007" [December 12–18]: In the strange circus that is the pop-music business, Terrell's part was the Greatest Soul on Earth. I will miss him with all my heart.

Michael Jaworek
Alexandria, Virginia


Rob Harvilla's review of Electric Six [ "Fake-Disco Inferno,"December 19–25] is as fantastic as the band.

Robert Allright
via e-mail


In a review of the restaurant Cantina [December 19-25], Robert Sietsema wrote that chef Jason Neroni had been put in the "slammer" after leaving a previous restaurant, Porchetta. Although Neroni did have to speak with police about allegations of signing an unauthorized check, he never spent time in jail and says he was neither booked nor charged.

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