AT LEAST THEY WEREN'T EATING DOUGHNUTS Re Mark Schwarzfeld's 'Getting Out of Dodge' [February 6–12]: Both of these people should never have been hired as cops.

Bonsignore, the worse of the two, apparently feels that her social life is more important than the job that she is paid to do. Her function, as a cop, is not to just answer calls from the dispatcher, but to also keep her goddamn eyes open, looking at the people on the streets. The fact that she uses the time instead to chat on her cell phone with her friends is indicative of where this woman's head is at.

Her total inattention to her surroundings could be a major contributing factor as to getting both her partner and herself seriously injured or killed during their tour of duty. The NYPD should do both the community and itself a favor and get rid of this officer.

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Re Wayne Barrett's 'We Come to Bury Rudy' [February 6–12]: It was good to see this slimeball leaving the race with his tail between his legs. Says something about the current GOP field that he was a top contender for so long. Now maybe he can join Bernie Kerik at a Mulberry Street "social club," or at Scores.

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I only pray that McCain makes Rudy his vice-president!

True Patriot
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Re Sean Gardiner's 'At Prey in the Fields of the Lord'[February 6–12]: So, what's the big deal? One con man cons 114 other con men.

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Re J. Hoberman's 'Kill One for the Gipper' [January 30–February 5]: Since when is it OK to use "gook" ("jabbering gook boss") as a way to describe Asians? Last I knew, this was an ethnic slur. Way to go, Voice. Ignorance runs rampant in your ranks.

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As an Asian-American, I find it offensive that the author of the Rambo movie review used a derogatory term when referring to an Asian character. I understand The Village Voice's hipster-journalism reputation and its writers' penchant for using corresponding language. However, if the writer wished to display wit, he could've done it another way.

I also understand that the writer probably meant no offense. However, despite what John McCain wants us to think, the G-word is just as offensive as the N-word.

Jinwon Ki
Lincoln, Nebraska


Re Maria Luisa Tucker's Ellis Gallagher story, 'Drawn and Quartered' [January 30–February 5]: Look, I am all for art in every last one of its forms and incarnations, and at the outset of this article, I was all for this particular artist as well.

While his medium is not original (there is another brilliant artist doing three-dimensional sidewalk art in Europe, shadows and all), it is still highly entertaining and appealing to the eye. So, yeah, I was all up in arms over the oppression of art by a police department. But then I read further and got to the litigious intentions of the artist.

C'mon, guy! Suing for what exactly? You were breaking the law. You are supposed to embrace the vandal in you. You are carrying a mighty bright torch while walking in the footsteps of such giants as Basquiat and Haring. Act accordingly, homeboy.

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Nicely written article to remind us of how truly free we are.

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Ellis makes ugly drawings. He has no eye for art. No talent. No feeling for it at all. His stuff is offensive, not because it's transgressive, which it isn't, but because it's ugly and lame. He should have his little thumbs chopped off.

I live in the nabe, and I wash his stuff away whenever I can.

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Re Julianne Shepherd's Vampire Weekend article, 'Please Ignore This Band' [January 3–February 5]: I am all for bands being radical and politically/socially engaged, and all that good stuff. But since when did this determine what a band was worth?

Mathias Brandewinder
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Re Tony Ortega's Editor's Note [January 23–29]: I mean, it's good that the Voice has gotten rid of Viveros-Faun, but remember the excellent days at the Voice when Gary Indiana was writing? God, it seems like modernism, those days. Oy.

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Re Edd Hurt's 'More Stoner Odes and Queasy Political Rants' [February 6–12]: Surprise, surprise—another pretentious New Yorker who can't get Willie Nelson. Betcha really dig Sonic Youth though, huh?

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