Congratulations on Wayne Barrett's investigative exposé, 'Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11' [August 8–14]. Hope other readers noted the former mayor's use of tax-paid OEM offices as a love nest with the very unlovely Judith Nathan. Always judge people by their spouses (a real character insight), and she is truly lacking, although perhaps she has personal skills that only her partners can appreciate. Now why not reveal to the gullible masses out there his record on budget deficits, racial profiling, and false claims of personal success for the decline in crime, etc. Giuliani as mayor was a nightmare, Giuliani as president is unthinkable.

Judith Kozloff
Via e-mail

Barrett left out lie number six: Rudy brags about going after the Mafia, yet through the Department of Design and Construction, the agency Giuliani created, he put the famous Mezzacappa Brothers, who stood up to Paul Castellano and the mob, out of business. Meanwhile, mob-run firms had a free hand at Ground Zero while the Department of Design and Construction expedited checks to them, as documented by the Daily News.

Ian Alterman


Several weeks ago, I was listening to Monica Crowley (I like to monitor right-wing radio to hear what the enemy is saying) and heard Crowley say that the media should ask Hillary about her relationship with Huma Adedin. At the time, I didn't know what she was talking about, but after reading 'Michael Musto's ' Can You Top This?' [August 8–14], I now know that he told Crowley about Hillary`s relationship with her aide, Huma Adedin, implying that it was gay even though there is not a shred of evidence to back up Musto`s allegation—except his dirty mind. I don't know why Musto would even go on Crowley's radio program; she is a vicious, lying, right-wing crackpot clone of Ann Coulter. It seems that trying to destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton is how Musto gets his kicks. Maybe next time he should save his fire for the Republican candidates—the real enemies of the American people.

Reba Shimansky


'Lynn Yaeger's' Fat Chance' [August 8–14] missed a key element of the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which was that all of the participants lived in the same town. So when the authors reported that geography wasn't an important factor in influencing obesity among peers, they meant living next-door versus living across town, not living in New York versus Timbuktu. If Yaeger had taken the time to read the "Methods" section of the NEJM article or sought a response from the researchers, she could have avoided her distortion of this well-designed and original scientific research.

Jonathan Peled
medical student
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
the Bronx


Re Chris Thompson's 'The Killing of a Journalist' [August 8–14]: Some of the people around the Bey family were pretty corrupt, but when Thompson called former Oakland governments incompetent, he probably didn't have Jerry Brown in mind. Thompson endorsed Brown, under whose administration crime "skyrocketed," even though Brown tried to pose as Giuliani west, even receiving honors from the Manhattan Institute, the outfit that hobnobs with race-science quacks. Brown attempted to draw white voters by picking fights with black institutions and individuals—which is how Thompson operated in Oakland. But I doubt whether Thompson, who once described himself as an "NPR policy wonk," will survive the brutal intellectual environment of New York.

Ishmael Reed
Oakland, California


Re Adam Matthews's 'The Death of Disco' [August 1–7]: I cannot believe that The Village Voice, a newspaper synonymous with fair and open-minded journalism, would print such a harsh, one-sided article. Not only were many of the facts twisted and embellished beyond recognition, but the entire perspective was also skewed to the negative. Why is that? Anyone who knew Dave appreciated his talent, his genius, and—most of all—his incredibly warm personality and ability to bring people together. Disco D was an amazing talent, but more importantly, he was an amazing person. Your article makes him look like a failed one-hit wonder rather than the icon that he truly was. The image of the Voice will forever be tainted in my mind and in the mind of those who knew and loved Disco D.

David Lemmon
West Orange, New Jersey

Is it possible that Disco D offed himself because of the type of music he was involved with? Never in the history of music has there been so much garbage with all the rap and hip-hop and affirmative-action noise. Disco D probably looked in the mirror and asked, "Why am I recording and producing this crap?"

Chris Witting
Richmond Hill, New York


I was misquoted in Laura Conaway's article on Harlem River Park ['His Dream Deferred' August 1–7]. In no way have I disparaged any administration's effort in building Harlem River Park. Both the current and previous administrations have contributed significant funding for this project and have been very helpful in moving it from the planning to implementation stages. The process has been slow due to the complicated nature of the project and the competing needs for the land, but it has not been because there are "poor" or "aging" people living nearby. In fact, the section of the park that is nearest to existing built-out areas has been the first to be completed or is currently under construction. Only in the area where future development is planned, upland, is there a lack of park investment.

Thomas G. Lunke
Director of Planning
Harlem Community Development Corporation

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