Letters 7.2.08

Kids draw the short end

Re Chloé A. Hilliard's 'School's Out—Forever' [Runnin' Scared, June 25–July 1]: I am a born-and-bred NYC artist who grew up on the Lower East Side, and I am disgusted that P.S. 122 is working in collusion with the Bloomberg administration to further gentrify the East Village.

I work for an art nonprofit, and it sickens me that "art" and so-called "artists" use their work (or allow themselves to be used by the powers that be) as an excuse to push minority and working-class residents out of trendy neighborhoods and make them safe for white suburban transplants. Anyone who thinks that yet another theater is more important than a day-care center should get the hell out of my hometown.

In response to Lucy Sexton: Not all "nonprofits" are cut from the same cloth. Some are quite profitable and get official support. But most—like the late Children's Liberation Day Care Center—struggle to exist in the face of racism and classism. I will continue to boycott P.S. 122 and encourage all of my colleagues to do so.

Nicole Schulman


Pitchers and catchers

Re Cyd Ziegler Jr.'s 'Switch Hitters' [Queer Issue, June 18–24]: There are a few other things you might be interested in. I play in the league, and we have two straight players on our team. There is more than just a "two-straight-player" limit per team at the Gay Softball World Series: Straight players must be in the league for two years before they can play in the Series, so first-year straight players cannot play.

In addition, you must play in at least half your league games for the year to be eligible. I believe that's because they want to ensure that no team picks up a straight player and puts him on the roster just for the Series.

Darryl Wes


Uncomfortable in Queens

How dare you put out 'The Queer Issue' [June 18–24] in a nation that should be a Judeo-Christian land.

I was disgusted and angry that your newspaper put two women kissing each other on the cover! The Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination! Well, I would not want children and adults to read the Voice, and I believe that homosexuality is morally deviant behavior! Stop sinning against the Almighty Creator!

Michael Mullaney


Too hifalutin

I know us folk down here in the good ol' south of Maryland are not as hip to the rock world as y'all are up there in New York City, but I gotta say, Kandia Crazy Horse's review of Vetiver's Thing of the Past ['Young Folkies Get Back to Their Roots, Mercifully,' June 3, villagevoice.com] sure threw a lot of us for a loop.

We look to you to let us know who the up-and-coming bands to check out are, but to do that, we need to understand the reviews you are writing. None of us could seem to figure it out. After picking through a ton of extraneous words that Ms. Horse used, we think we got the gist that she did in fact enjoy the band's new album, but would you mind clarifying that for us? Did she like 'em, or did she find their "reverent delicacies" a bit too "ruthlessly apathetic" to take?

Thanks a bunch.

Marie Ball

via e-mail

Landmark says: Not 'a religion'

Re Graham Rayman's 'Egg on Someone's Face: Suit against sperm-bank firm claims sexual harassment and cult-like behavior' [Runnin' Scared, May 21–27]: The article extensively quoted an individual who is suing his employer for sexual harassment and religious discrimination. Although Landmark Education is not a party to the lawsuit, this person inappropriately and inaccurately referenced Landmark Education as a religion. This is an outlandish and patently false claim. Landmark Education is an international training and development company that delivers educational programs in more than 20 countries.

Art Schreiber

General Counsel

Landmark Education

San Francisco, california

Buried treasure

Re 'Indiana Jones and the Fortress of Sad Decline' [May 21–27]: Thanks to Robert Wilonsky for his candid and honest review of the colossally disappointing Indiana Jones sequel. How reviewers can deem this as worth seeing is beyond me. Thanks for keeping it honest!

Patrick Harper

Via e-mail

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