Letters 7.23.08

Artful lodger

Re Maria Luisa Tucker's 'Painted Into a Corner' [Runnin' Scared, July 16–22]: The Department of Buildings (DOB) issued three, not two, violations: for blocking egress from within Mr. Sherrod's apartment, failing to properly store combustible material and equipment, and essentially using an apartment as an art studio.

As you reported, the landlord did not call the DOB for an inspection of Mr. Sherrod's apartment. We, the landlord, were required by law to be present at a DOB inspection, which is required for obtaining a certificate of occupancy for the building and which is required by the NYC Loft Board.

Upon seeing the hazardous condition of Mr. Sherrod's apartment, the DOB inspector canceled the inspection, deeming the building "site not ready" and issuing three violations, all related to Sherrod's apartment.

I was not, as you quoted Sherrod saying about us, "shocked by the art," I was not "intimidated" by it, nor were "my glands excited."

I was, however, concerned for the safety and well-being of all the residents of the building, including Mr. Sherrod. His statement that he is dealing with "primordial creatures" is ridiculous. The matter at hand is the hazardous conditions of his apartment—created by him and maintained by him.

We are attempting to maintain a safe, comfortable environment for our residents. This is not a witch hunt against Mr. Sherrod.

Bill Punch


What's to know?

Re Tom Robbins's 'Orthodox Insurgent' [July 2–8]: My conclusion, after reading the article, was that Mr. Abrahams seems like a very nice person. I sure commend him, big time, for being a devoted Hatzoloh member and Shomrim guard in Williamsburg all those years. But how does that qualify him to be a city councilman?

Does he have any experience serving the community on such a large scale—let alone the regular mainstream society, as opposed to the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community?

I am only 29 (compared with Mr. Abrahams's above-middle-age), and I have been out of the Hasidic community for exactly five years now—and I still have a hard time figuring out the lifestyle and needs of people in the "regular world."

I doubt that Mr. Abrahams has much of a clue as to the needs and interests of goyim (non-Jews) in Williamsburg. Unless he can prove his expertise and skills, I don't think he would qualify for this position. Nothing personal—and I'm not being prejudiced.

Izzy K.

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Shreds of evidence

Re Tony Ortega's 'Trash Talking with Harvey Weinstein' [July 1, villagevoice.com]: Thanks for your article, Tony. It brought back memories of my being a temp at Miramax more than 10 years ago. One of my tasks was to print all the e-mails for the exec I was assisting and lay them on her chair. I came across a negative e-mail from another administrator written about me!

The shredder was a perfect gift for H.W.


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Actually, this Weinstein is a sick, fat prick who has forgotten who he is and where he came from, and is subject to fits of incivility based on physiological stuff. That does not mean that he shouldn't learn to become an adult, so such impulses can be short-circuited by the intellect.

Richard McDonough

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Bum steer

Re Jim Ridley's 'American Idol' [July 2–8]: William Holden's brand of heroism and cynicism must have been tested to the hilt when he killed that tourist while drunk-driving in Italy in 1966. (Maybe that's why he looked so haunted in Network.)

Stephen Conn

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