Letters 9.04.08

Hughes and cry

Re Arcynta Ali Childs's article on the Langston Hughes house, 'The Ways of Property Owners' [August 27–September 2]: Nice article! The situation is mind-blowing, though. One quote is stuck in my head: "It will be like Colonial Williamsburg, with black actors hired to entertain the white people who come to visit."

So sad what is happening to one of the black community's shining jewels. Thank you for highlighting this issue.

Chaz Arnett

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Messiah watch

Re Elizabeth Dwoskin's 'Rebbe Yell' [August 27–September 2]: As an Orthodox Jew, I normally do not read The Village Voice, and upon opening the newspaper, I was concerned that this would be yet another left-wing polemic against the messianists, the Hasidim, and Judaism in general. I was pleased with your portrayal of the community, how you took care to explain its nuances and accurately record the various opinions related to the controversy.

I have a friend whose voice-mail message begins with a messianic prayer. I have no idea how his relatives, potential employers, or dates react when hearing it, but one thing's for sure: He has plenty of faith and confidence. Only time will tell how long this confidence will last. With the exception of Jesus, most false messianic movements died within a generation of their founders. The "yellow flag" crowd prays for the imminent return of their messiah, but with messianic schools, they have a strategy for the next generation, should he delay his return.

Sergey Kadinsky


Obama's first term

Re Roy Edroso's 'The Harrowing Adventures of President Obama' [August 20–26]: God damn, that was bleak, chilling, and believable in equal measures.


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If this happens, the Canadians will not like the return of the American immigration problem.

Ed Kollin

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John McCain getting beaten unconscious almost makes the whole scenario worth it. Though he'd probably run in 2012 and win.

Rick Massimo

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As much as I enjoyed your recent Obama coverage, there are some things I am compelled to say. Just because Obama is largely—in my opinion—an empty suit, a bloviator, and all style with little substance, this does not mean for one second that race isn't playing a factor in his neck-and-neck battle with McCain.

Fact: Every single president our nation has had up to this point has been a white male of northwest European extraction. Fact: Obama's name is not one commonly associated with average Americans. Fact: Anyone running against the party of such a phenomenally unpopular sitting president should be light years ahead in the polls.

David Collington


NASCAR don't run no races in January, dolt! I don't like this article because too much of the crap Republicans do in the piece is almost guaranteed to happen—but I have to admit that it's funny as hell! 'Course, hell ain't all that funny . . . if you believe.

Pete Tenney

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Excellent! I needed some humor to start my day. Thank you.

Linda Y.

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Pretty funny. Read about Biden on Wikipedia for more disturbing views—his history. For certain, it makes me want to vote Republican.

B.K. Wright

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He's only No. 2 to Feiffer

Re Lynn Yaeger's 'Serrano's Second Movement' [August 27–September 2]: I am surprised to see no mention here that Serrano's provocation is a rip-off of one of the funniest and saddest jokes in Jules Feiffer's classic Little Murders. In the film version, Elliott Gould has a terrific monologue in which he explains to the in-laws his path from high-paid fashion photographer to "shooting shit" (literally). Of course, Feiffer intends it as an ironic metaphor for alienation and nihilism, whereas there seems to be little irony in Serrano's work.

Derek Dreyer

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