Letters: April 15 Edition

Food for thought

Re Emily Brady's 'Takeout on Euclid Avenue' [April 8–14]: What a refreshing change it is to read your story. Every paragraph flows, and I love how you started out with the question of why [restaurant owner May May] cleans the blood himself and then answer it at the end.

Great work; I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. A glimpse into a world many know little about. Bravo.

Amanda  Widom


What's interesting is that [May May] is still there. I'm from Cypress Hill projects and I remember when he opened—scared to death. Now, he's a strong figure.

Powerful story. Thank you for that.

Rich Cabrel

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Nirvana or hell

Re Ward Sutton's 'In Bloom: The Alternate History of Kurt Cobain' [April 8–14]: I really loved this alt-history of alt-music. Great work, Ward!

Dan Goldman

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Who thought that this would be funny? Why would anyone write this?


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Well, now I feel a lot less bad about going back in time and drowning Jim Morrison in his bathtub in Paris.

Halloween Jack

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Same war, different decade

Re Voice reader Gilbert Corby's letter [April 1–7] about P.J. Tobia's 'Afghaniscrewed' [March 25–31]: Corby insists, "The left was wrong about opposing Nixon's Vietnamization then [during the Vietnam War], and it is wrong about Afghanistan now."

Really? Nixon's Vietnamization resulted in the collapse of the South Vietnamese puppet government and a total of at least 4 million Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian people and 56,000 GIs killed for the greater glory and profits of the military-industrial complex and the Wall Street bankers who financed it and profited off it. (You remember: the same ones who just collapsed the U.S. and global economies.)

The oil, gas, and pipeline wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are cut from the same colonial cloth. Corby's fearmongering about "bigger 9/11s" is belied by the fact that there would have been no original 9/11 if the geniuses at the Pentagon hadn't sent in the Marines to occupy, of all places, the Muslim holy land in Saudi Arabia, where Mecca is located.

Occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan stirs up the same hornets' nest and is most likely to have exactly the same result—or worse. The best and only way to prevent "bigger 9/11s" is to bring the troops home now!

Michael Brown


Funny man

Re Rob Harvilla's 'The Roots Take Manhattan' [February 25–March 3]: Jimmy Fallon is funny. He will settle into his new role. He is not as animated as Conan, thank God! This is a new flavor. Give this show a chance.

Joanne Pacicca

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