Letters: July 28, 2009

Fired up

Re Wayne Barrett's 'Pants On Fire' [July 22–28]: Just when I thought that with today's "infotainment" and "agenda journalism," any real objective investigative journalism was dead in NYC, Mr. Barrett (along with his researchers) nicely puts the pieces together and shows the real reasons behind the deaths of the firefighters from E-24 and L-5. As in all firefighter fatalities, it rarely is just one thing that causes a death, but a string of events. The article shows where that string was first tied off and by whom. (Yes, that would be you, Mr. Doctoroff.)

Lower-level civil servants are the scapegoats who give politicians and the connected sufficient cover. Well done, Mr. Barrett.


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Fabulous investigative reporting. Kudos. Pulitzers, too! I'm not surprised by anything you write. I chair a rental building tenants association [Concerned Residents of 736 West End Avenue], and we're dealing with the most incredible Department of Buildings corruption—well documented—you can imagine.

A number of the same players as at Deutsche Bank have been involved. We've already been illegally exposed to asbestos due to grossly inadequate containment at adjacent townhouses due for demolition—permits for which said "Alteration 3" instead of "demolition" until we complained—and our experts (and even some from DOB) say the demolition may cause our building to collapse. DOB pretends none of the documentation exists and has invented a new construction phase—"pre-demolition"—to conceal it. The Bloomberg Blanket of PR control keeps the story out of sight. Which is why we've put a Collapse Cam on our website, 736tenants.org, so the whole world can watch when or if our building is damaged due to extremely dangerous and illegal demolition work.

Dee Alpert


This story of brave firefighters being thrown under the bus to protect high-level Bloomberg appointees screams for coverage by the NYC newspapers.

The once-mighty Fourth Estate should be hanging its collective head in shame. This story would seem to provide a natural lead into the shameful world of no-bid contracts that seems the hallmark of the Bloomberg Gang. If Bill Thompson refuses to mount a campaign, he should withdraw and let an aggressive candidate emerge. Four more years of Bloomberg and his plutocrats will leave no room for working people in our wonderful city.


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Thanks for exposing our very corrupt mayor and his very corrupt administration. Emperor Bloomberg is beginning to make me miss Giuliani. (I can't believe I just wrote that.)

But Barrett fails to point out that these are not the only firemen the emperor has helped kill. What about all the firemen and rescue workers who were poisoned in the months following 9/11, down at Ground Zero? Mayor Mike ignored common sense and insisted that the air was healthy and clean and that people should work next to the pile—civilians, too—even though you could smell the toxic chemical mix miles away. He then spent tens of millions of our dollars trying to block those he poisoned from getting justice.

Remy Shapiro


Terms of endearment

Re Tom Robbins's 'The Bloomberg Dilemma: Being For the Mayor While Against Him' [July 22–28]: How much "bad press," as in critical, has there been of Bloomberg in the last seven-plus years? Near to zero.


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Pet peeves

In 'The Curse of the Cupcake' [July 15–22], Sarah DiGregorio refers to a previous article she wrote and makes an offhanded comment about those cupcake fanatics whose e-mails to a certain food review site were "so full of vitriol that they might as well have come from a bunch of PETA folks."

I take exception to these comments. I read her foie gras article ['Is Foie Gras Torture?' February 18–24]. I thought it was wrong. I am not a PETA person. I resent being lumped in with them. Secondly, I resent the attack on PETA anyway.

M. Callirgos

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