Long Island Mother and Daughter Apprehended as Squalid, Awful Animal Torturers

In what sounds like an ideal Hoarders episode (just look at the picture of inside their house!), a mother and daughter on Long Island have been arrested on animal cruelty charges after police found 15 injured pets in their home -- and the remains of 26 others.

Faith Ross, 54, and her daughter Francesca Maselli, 23, were keeping six "Chihuahuas, three Doxons, an English bulldog, a Yorkshire terrier, a boxer, and two cats" among others, all in terrible condition. By the way, what's a Doxon? Does the Post mean "dachshund"?

The duo were keeping their dogs' muzzles taped shut, even the dead ones. And there were a fair amount of dead ones. Also dead ferrets, dead cats, and dead parrots. Shiver. Shiver, shiver, shiver.

[Rosie Gray] [@_rosiegray]

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