Man Grabs 15-Year-Old in Staten Island, Gets Traditional Baseball-Bat Greeting

In light of the horrifying story of Jaycee Lee Dugard, whose 18 years of rape and imprisonment were revealed by the capture of Jesus-loving captor, it is comforting to hear about an attempted abduction that was taken care of Staten Island style. The 15-year-old daughter of Jay and Carolyn Reyes was walking on Cleveland Avenue around 9:30 last night when a Hispanic male -- 20s, 5'7", between 200 to 215 pounds, wearing a red shirt, black pants and cap, in case you want to keep an eye out -- grabbed her and carried her into the woods. When she screamed, a neighbor, Patrick Klatt, grabbed a baseball bat and went after the sound, causing the man to flee. It's nice to see the traditional interpersonal techniques of the borough ("Baseball Bat is to Staten Islanders; as Battle Axe is to Vikings," says an Advance commenter) turned to such useful purposes.

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