Man Named 'Zen' Accused of Attempted Murder With Samurai Sword

Hemet, California's Zen Timothy Singleton is in jail after allegedly chasing his in-laws through the streets with a samurai sword. The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports that his father-in-law was slashed in the leg and his brother-in-law was wounded by glass shattered during the melee. Police won't say what started the argument that led to the attack, but you are free to enter your own mother-in-law joke in the space provided below.


Zen was arrested on "suspicion of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and vandalism." The two victims were hospitalized for their injuries and Zen's bail is set at $1.02 million. Zen.

Sword attack targeted in-laws, officers say [Riverside Press-Enterprise via HuffPo]

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