Man Sues Boss Whose Voice Made Him Vomit

Maybe you think you have it bad, but it could always be worse. That boss you despise could actually make you throw up by the simple force of his/her voice! This is a true story for Housing Authority Superintendent Anthony Dingle, reports the New York Post. His cruel, unfeeling boss Demetrice Gadson would berate him constantly, he says, and "every time I heard her voice, it triggered a sickening feeling in me."

According to the suit, Dingle had to go to a doctor to get medicine "to get his intestinal system properly functioning." That does not sound good. Meanwhile,

Gadson relished in his suffering, the suit alleges, saying, "I did not know that I made men throw up" -- and then laughed hysterically.

Which sort of sounds like something we'd do, except Dingle had to go to a shrink, as well as dealing with his deteriorating health, and, sheesh, we're starting to feel sorry for the guy. Can someone give him a new job when this whole lawsuit thing gets cleared up?

Suit: My boss' voice made me vomit [NYP]

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