Man Taunts Cop in Crazy Subway Arrest Video

"Respect my authoritah!"
"Respect my authoritah!"

Local favorite NYC The Blog has unearthed a video of an NYPD officer conducting a wacky arrest underground. In the clip, the officer pins a man to the ground, throws the suspect's hat, pushes him down the stairs, punches him once, takes out a baton and finally manages to wrestle the guy into submission after four minutes. The entire time, the man taunts the officer and resists arrest with relative ease. He even challenges him to fight more than once. Check out the ridiculous video after the jump.

What's a bit worrisome about this video is that the officer seemingly takes no issue with being recorded while attempting to make the arrest, which occurs over four extremely drawn-out minutes with an obviously impaired subject. The officer never tells the amateur videographer to stop filming, even when the suspect is pushed down the stairs and then given a right hook. If the officer is comfortable sharing this gem of a job performance, we can't imagine what other highjinks he's gotten himself into.

[via NYC The Blog] [Mtanzer]

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