Marijuana Bust Leaves Thriving Plants Alone and Defenseless

A "massive" Long Island drug operation that manufactured and sold cocaine and marijuana was taken down today, leading to the arrests of 6 people, including James Blatchly, 49, of Locust Valley. NBC New York has photos from inside the marijuana grow house, and we just have to say, my, what green thumbs these fellows have!

Despite the talent in evidence (you can't say there's not talent here),

"These drug dealers and illegal drugs are now off the streets because of the joint [yeah, she went there] efforts of law enforcement at both the county and local level," Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said. "We will continue to be vigilant in finding the locations of marijuana grow houses and dismantling them."

No word on what will become of the confiscated plants, who really did nothing wrong at all by simply agreeing to live, but we're pretty sure it's not a happy ending.

Fingers crossed for greenhouse duty in the state pen.

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