Marni Kotak, Artist, Delivers Baby Boy at Microscope Gallery

Baby Ajax, previously known to the world as Baby X, was born Tuesday morning at Microscope Gallery in Bushwick at 10:17 a.m. weighing 9 pounds, 2 ounces at 21 inches.

We first received notice that the baby was coming soon at 9:34 a.m. and rushed to the quaint gallery. Although we were one of the select few to witness the live birth, an art performance/installation by Marni Kotak, we, unfortunately, didn't arrive in time. What we did find when we entered the steamy space, which the artist converted into a birthing center, was Kotak calmly eating a banana, the placenta in a bowl and the baby's father, Jason, holding his son who was wrapped in a blue towel. The beautiful baby boy was wide-eyed, and as quiet as could be, staring blankly into the camera and video lenses that hovered above him.

The exhibition continues through Monday, November 7th, and remnants from the birth will be added to the exhibition along with a video of the birth.

[ACruz] [@chelipj]

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