Mayor Hints at Support for Segways on City Streets

Like other jurisdictions, the city hasn't been overly friendly to Segways -- you remember them, right? -- and has ticketed riders in the past for driving the unlicensed motorized vehicles.

The state legislature gave Segway riders some support last year by directing traffic authorities to treat them like bicycles. But the city has remained recalcitrant. Now, a break! Mayor Bloomberg has dropped a favorable word for the early-21st-century runabouts....

Bloomberg, who previously approved Segways for NYPD use, expressed his support for allowing civilian Segways in the streets at a signing ceremony for a pedicab bill. It's "just idiotic" that they're banned, he said, and "I would let all of these things go on."

Presumably he meant allowing Segways on streets, not sidewalks; bike and pedestrian advocates Transportation Alternatives have long opposed letting the things on public footpaths. Or maybe he wasn't thinking about it much at all. It's not a huge lobby. But if Segway and its followers want to seize the day, they might show up at Summer Streets the weekend as a test case. It would not be unprecedented.

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