Meth-Shoe Traffickers Busted Because They Were 'Walking Funny'

Not actual meth shoes.
Not actual meth shoes.

We'd guess shoes would be the first place any airport security agent worth his salt would go to look, but we're not Malaysian drug traffickers posing as tourists with two pounds of meth in our shoes. Are we? (That was rhetorical.) Anyway, the group was busted by officials at Auckland Airport in New Zealand, reports the Daily News, partly because something was off -- their itineraries were in English, but they didn't speak English, and, well, "everyone in the group was walking funny, officials said."

Customs official Mark Day told TV New Zealand, "Those are the sorts of things that stand out to us."

The group had about $8 million in meth in their shoes, and are now facing illegal drug importing charges that might mean life in prison. Shoulda practiced that walk ahead of time, huh? Forget about meth-mouth, it's the feet that matter.

Fake tour group busted in New Zealand with $8 million of meth stashed in their shoes [NYDN]

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