Michael Feingold Does Carousel, in Honor of the Vermont Legislature

This is the original.

Another Turn on Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel,
in Honor of the Vermont State Legislature
by Michael Feingold

with sincere apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II
(Tune: "When I Marry Mr. Snow")


The state is called Vermont
Kinda small but it's fresh and green
They've got mountains and lakes, and the folks aren't fakes
And the sky is the bluest ever seen.
It's just the state we want
Where a gal and a gal can pair
Where a guy and a guy can look up at the sky
While they think of the life they're gonna share.
The first time I went there, I wasn't so sure:
They were civil, but that's all they were
But then they spoke up in the legislay-choor
And I swooned till my mind's now a blur.
They voted on the bill
But the Gov'nor said, "No, sirree!"
So they said, "Hey, Gov'nor, you're out of step,
"We think that this bill's pretty hot,
"And if you say, Gov'nor, you won't get hep,
"We will override you like a shot."
That afternoon they passed it,
At one hundred to forty-nine,
And now all I can see
Is just you and me
Standin' in that reception line!


When we marry in Vermont
The cows'll all be grinnin' like they're sayin' "Cheese,"
We'll dangle sprigs o' lavender from all the trees,
When we marry in Vermont.
We can marry whom we want!
There won't be any fussin' over gender roles
So long as it's the vow of two devoted souls
Who could call it an affront?
You'll carry me 'cross the threshold
Then I'll do the same thing for you
Then we'll stand there sorta numb
Lookin' sweet and dumb,
Thinkin', "Is this really true?"
Scared as any dilettante
We'll tiptoe off to bed where we can have a ball
But first we'll hang our license on the bedroom wall
'Cause we're legal in Vermont
A state that's free
Where liberty
Tells bigotry:
"Don't tread on me!"
That's why we love Vermont!

Parody lyrics Copyright © 2009 by Michael Feingold. All Rights Reserved.

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