Michael Musto Continues Conquest of Internet

OK, let's see if Gothamist picked up the Homeland Security TV story -- hey, what's this? Michael Musto? That fella gets around. Highlights! On doing a "gay Match Game show at Bowery Poetry Club": "'Wanna do a free, local version of the Match Game?' Sure! That's how I run my career...into the ground." On gossip blogs: "I was sort of the original blogger anyway--I just didn't have a blog. I was the original snarky, sardonic person... If I had an item, I knew that Page Six would probably break it first. But now that I have a blog, I feel like I'm me, Gawker, and Page Six--everything thrown together..." What was growing up in Bensonhurst like? Everything was covered in plastic, including my father. Next week: we interview Jen Chung. See Musto's blog here.

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