Mike Bloomberg: Marathon Will Give Us "Something To Cheer About." Shut Up, Mike Bloomberg

This guy (sigh).
This guy (sigh).

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is on the defensive over his decision to go ahead with the New York City Marathon this weekend, assuring New Yorkers that the race will give us "something to cheer about."

We think we speak for the majority when we say the following: shut up, Mike Bloomberg.

As hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers currently are without electricity -- and will probably remain without power for up to 10 days -- several diesel-powered generators are pumping electricity into a media tent in Central Park that was constructed for the Marathon.

Those generators won't provide electricity for everyone who is without electricity right now, but it's a slap in the face to those who feel abandoned by the City -- a city which now appears more concerned with running a stupid foot-race than it is with getting the lights turned on.

"You have to keep going and doing things. ... You can grieve and you can cry and you can laugh and that's what human beings are good at," Bloomberg said at a news conference this afternoon. "New York has to show that we are here and we are going to recover."

While hizzoner is laughing and crying, and doing all the things "human beings are good at," thousands of other New Yorkers are struggling to do things human beings require -- like eating, drinking, bathing, and maintaining a stable body temperature. Having electricity certainly is helpful in providing the raw materials for basic human functionality.

In other words, let's start with the basics, then we can tackle the things the mayor thinks "human beings are good at."

In addition to the absurdity of allocating generators to something as idiotic as a media tent for a race, the Marathon will require vast city resources at a time when there simply are none to spare.

A source tells the Voice that the city is reaching out to police officers in other jurisdictions to provide additional law enforcement resources for the race -- although, we're unable to independently confirm that claim. Regardless, at least one retired officer -- according to our source -- says he refused to help with the Marathon, but offered to help with the relief effort.

At least someone's priorities are in order.

A stupid race isn't going to give New York something to cheer about. Logical priorities from our elected officials might. 

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