Mike Bloomberg's Hot Dog Puns: So, Who Actually "Writes This Shit?"

Mayor Mike Bloomberg apparently found his pun-packed speech at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest weigh-in on Tuesday a bit too pun-y -- he interrupted his prepared statement to ask "who writes this shit?"

If you missed it, the mayor's speech included 12 uber-lame hotdog puns -- including telling hot-doggers he wanted to be "perfectly frank" and calling the competition a "dog fight."

He went on to ask if contestants would be able to "catch up" to legendary competitive eater Joey Chestnut and "cut the mustard and be pronounced wiener."


So, who actually writes this shit? Your guess is as good as ours -- the mayor's office is yet to respond to our email asking (amongst other things) exactly that.

We sent Bloomberg spokeswoman Samantha Levine the following email:

hi, samantha. i saw the mayor's comments about his hot dog speech asking "who writes this shit?" was wondering who actually wrote that shit? i'm assuming it was someone in the mayor's office. is that person still employed? and how did this person react to the mayor's comments?

We'll let you know if Levine gets back to us.

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