Mitt Romney Throws His Exploratory Hat Into the Exploratory Ring

Mitt Romney has taken to YouTube to announce that he has formed an exploratory committee for the 2012 presidential race. He calmly talks about jobs while standing in front of what looks to be a high school football field (because nothing says "America" like adolescent concussions). It is subdued, restrained, and clear. Pretty much the exact opposite of

Tim Pawlenty's bombastic announcement


He takes some shots at President Obama in the clip (dubbed "Believe in America"), saying, "He and virtually all the people around him have never worked in the real economy." It looks like the former Massachusetts governor is forgetting about Joe Biden's DJ gig at a Dewey Beach strip club last summer.

If this video is any indication, Romney's focus will be on jobs, jobs, jobs -- anything to distract primary voters from the health care law he passed almost five years ago that earned him the nickname* "The Massachusetts Marxist."

*Note: We are the only people to ever call him "The Massachusetts Marxist." In fact, we just thought of that nickname. What if it sticks?!

Mitt Romney: "Believe in America" [YouTube via Politico]

[ / @nickgreene]

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