Mob Hitman Turns Against Mob, Heterosexuality

Robert Mormando came out twice in court yesterday. First he revealed that he had abandoned his membership in the Mafia. Then he said he was gay.

This was during Mormando's sentencing for his involvement in the shooting of Angelo Mugnolo, a Queens bagel store owner, in 2003, which Mugnolo survived and for which Vincent Gotti, brother of John and the mastermind of the unsuccessful hit, got eight years last December. The Mugnolo job was Mormando's first hit and he found it distasteful, so he gave himself up shortly after the shooting and has since been serving as a government witness as Joe Doe.

Marmando, 44 and a divorced father of two, got time served, and is reportedly relocated with his partner, with whom his lawyer said Marmando is sharing "a peaceful working life."

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