More Bad News from 305 McGuinness in Greenpoint

305 Guinness aka Lofts 305, one of the troubled nondos that have devolved from condos in Greenpoint since the market tanked, gets a new slam from a correspondent to Miss Heather of NY Shitty: an alleged tenant tells Miss Heather that "His/her apartment is still unfinished," "The tap water is white or brown-- this varies by apartment," "His/her oven does not work properly due to lack of sufficient insulation/cabinetry," and, best of all, the landlord "has made it known that anyone involved in forming a 'tenants' group' will be evicted."

Miss Heather's been on the case of this place before, and got into a contretemps over it with blogger Zohray, who was considering 305 for her family and thought it seemed okay -- until, after her negotiations collapsed, she began hearing that not only were the unfinished apartments she'd been looking at still unfinished: "the new owners who were signing the leases DON'T OWN THE BUILDING YET."

The leasing agent for the place has been Israel Horowitz's Citi-Spaces, which some people have found untrustworthy. It was reportedly stiffing its own agents this summer. They're still in business, but the marshall seized Citi-Spaces' East Village office in July. (You can buy at least one unit at 305 now from

Zohray heard better things about 305 thereafter -- but in November a CUNY journalist found a tenant who said that "promised amenities like a virtual doorman, rooftop patio, and top of the line washer and dryer are non-existent."

The selloff of distressed units in Greenpoint might make the neighborhood look like an attractive opportunity, but even in a bum market buyers apparently still need to beware.

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