Morning Crabby Old City Fart Roundup

As often, we gotta give it up for EV Grieve and Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, who this morning documented some more civic outrages. Grieve saw the Fulton Street Blarney Stone closed, the signage stripped from Love Says the Day, and the giant dog on the canopy of the former Spots' Cafe/Good Dog on St. Mark's removed. Jeremiah finds the soon-to-be-relocated-to-Alabama Cheyenne Diner in a sad state of desuetude, and the signs coming off the old P&G.

In a related development, Fucked in Park Slope reports the existence of a "Park Slope Girl" T-Shirt ("Brooklyn, But In a Good Way!"). "Ridiculous/ ugly/ stupid/ retarded," decrees FIPS. "If any of you actually buy one, I am so never speaking to you again."

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