Mr. Black Is Mr. Right for Boys Who Like to Party

Mr. Black calls itself a "dance den," and there is something very den-of-thieves, very pirate's den, about the shadowy, subterranean Noho bar. The low brick arches and exposed stone masonry bring Pirates of the Caribbean to mind, although Butt-Pirates of the Caribbean is more like it. It's pretty gay down there, but don't be afraid to bring your gal pals and their DJ boyfriends. Music, not cruising, is what the boys are here for. Mr. Black's weekly parties are a haven for fags and non-bridge-and-tunnel house hounds alike. DJ Honey Dijon and Corey Tut make frequent appearances and the Trinity's Friday-night fete, Gary 49, with DJ Sammy Jo attracts queer celebs and usually at least one of the Scissor Sisters. Saturdays are a little more homo-heavy, when Jonny McGovern's beer-swilling frat-gays take over for Boys Gone Wild. Wednesday night's Stank party hosts old-school balls (think Paris Is Burning realness) with Ana Matronic holding court. Standard cocktails fuel the dancefloor ($6 for well, $9 for the good stuff), but the bar's signature Mr. Black Smash (gin or vodka, Chambord, orange and pineapple juice, champagne, $10) is, well, smashing, particularly when served by the bare-assed cocktail waiter.

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