MTA: Subways Are Running. Your Hurrication: Over.

*Today (sigh)
*Today (sigh)
High School Memes

If your life wasn't completely devastated by Hurricane Sandy last week -- if you're one of the lucky ones for whom the storm was more of an inconvenience than a life-altering catastrophe -- we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but your Hurrication is over.

According to the MTA, roughly 80 percent of the city's subways are running at extended intervals. This means "I couldn't get to work" is no longer a credible excuse to sit at home and get drunk all day.

See the MTA's latest list of working transit lines below.

MTA: Subways Are Running. Your Hurrication: Over.

According to the MTA, subways will be running at 10-minute intervals, rather than the usual two-three-minute intervals. The extended wait times has led to more crowding than usual -- and a slightly more miserable commute.

Hurricane Sandy wasn't a vacation for everyone, though -- thousands of people are still without power. Some lost everything.

Luckily, the Voice compiled a list of ways you can help people recover from the hurricane.

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