Nat Hentoff Initiates a Voice Tradition

Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives.

March 9, 1960, Vol. V, No. 20


Dear Sir:

In his review last week of the "Cry of Jazz" film and symposium, Bob Reisner states that "at the first showing a Caucasian was forcibly removed from the theatre." It never happened. One guy, white, was very bugged, and left. All by himself. He, in fact, stalked out. There's no excuse for sloppy reporting. There is some, I suppose, for sloppy thinking, as in Reisner's absurdly indiscriminate piece on folk-singers, the previous week. I agree that there are some fakes in the field, but Reisner obviously knows so little about the subject that, as Bob Shelton pointed out in the following issue, his Jeremiad was outstandingly useless. -- Nat Hentoff, East 77th Street

[Each weekday morning, we post an excerpt from another issue of the Voice, going in order from our oldest archives. Visit our Clip Job archive page to see excerpts back to 1956.]

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