Nazi Pentagon Experiments in Queens!

Nazi Pentagon Experiments in Queens!

As Schizo Letters of the Week go, this one is in a league of its own. If only all crazy people wrote with such clarity and style...

There is mounting evidence that the military is using aircraft that was outfitted with technology intended for warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan to conduct experiments on the residents of Queens. It has also become apparent that the Bush administration granted the Pentagon permission to do this and that now it is up to the Obama administration to stop it. A torrent of letters to senators and representatives is needed to bring this issue to the fore.

Soon after the 2000 elections, residents of Rego Park began getting pinpricks in their skin just as aircraft were approaching their buildings. By 2004 people started getting electrical shocks to the brain, torso, and limbs. One afternoon, just as a plane flew over my building, I got struck in the head by a force that was so powerful, it not only caused my crown to be sore for a week, but a tiny, sharp sliver of cranium protruded up: it had actually chipped my head. Unbeknownst to me, my neighbors were experiencing the same...
By 2005, I was awakened from my sleep, night after night, by the sensation of a heavy THUD! at the foot of the bed; then a moving wave traveled longitudinally up the blanket from my ankles to my neck.  Again, I did not yet know that others were also suffering from sleep interruption, for the same reason, on a recurrent basis.  Seconds after the wave reached my shoulders, there would be a blast of air in my face, even when the windows were closed.  These phenomena could only be electronic in nature.

My neighbors and I have been subjected to even more harassment, generated electronically from a distance: these phenomena included electrical shocks to the brain that are so powerful, the head involuntarily jerks from left to right; involuntarily movement of arms and legs; the sensation of a tap on the blanket followed by a circular motion, the diameter of an inch, at the site of the tap; palpitations that cause the subject to gasp for air; a scream erupting in midair just inches from the ear; a puff of air in the face, significantly, when windows are closed; the sound of one's name being called in the stillness of night; tapping off of wooden floors; fissures and gashes in walls and ceilings; pocks marks in walls; needle marks in wooden flooring that permit light to come up from apartments below; electronic sounds such as pings that are heard only when the subject is asleep.  Every morning after one or more of the aforementioned, broken paint and plaster are discovered on the floor, as well as cracked walls, indicating that something had struck the ceiling and walls the previous night.

At first, people thought that these phenomena were caused by commercial aircraft. Perhaps some of it is: we do suspect that the military has outfitted commercial planes with technology that permits imaging and striking through walls from the sky in real time, through a network, from a remote location. However, my neighbors and I have been keeping copious logs over the years and we find the following to be highly significant: the assaults continue and are accompanied by the sound of aircraft hovering overhead during inclement weather when commercial flights are grounded. Last night, April 20, 2009, there were torrential rains in Queens that caused 4 hour delays in arrivals at LaGuardia, 3 at JFK, and 3 at Newark; the Yankee game was rained out; the water slammed cacophonically against fire escapes and there was lightening and thunder. However, aircraft hovered overhead continually throughout the night delivering shocks to residents.  Below I offer my log of last night's occurences because of the significance of the inclement weather:

April 20, 2009

6:39 PM  Tap on the comforter over right thigh; then a circular motion the diameter of an inch.  It feels as if someone were pressing a pencil into the comforter and running it around in a circle.  Aircraft hovering overhead.  It is raining heavily and I doubt that the aircraft is commercial; it must be military.

6:57 PM  Electrical shock to the middle finger of my left hand.  Aircraft overhead.

7:19 PM  Electrical shock to the stomach.  Plane overhead.  It is raining in torrents.

7:30 PM  Tap on comforter over left ankle; then a circular motion the diameter of an inch.  Plane overhead.

7:40 PM  Electrical shock to abdomen.  Aircraft hovering overhead.  It is raining torrentially.

7:55 PM  THUD! drops on the comforter over my right ankle; then a circular motion the diameter of an inch.  Aircraft hovering overhead.  Torrential rains are smashing cacophonically against the fire escape.  I just heard on the radio that it is windy, with gusts up to 30 mph; the Yankee game is rained out; thunderstorms are expected.

8:15 PM  Pinprick to right thigh.  Aircraft overhead.  Raining torrentially: water is slamming loudly against fire escape.

8:18 PM  I just heard on WCBS 880 AM that there are 4 hour delays at LaGuardia; 3 hour delays at JFK; 3 hour delays at Newark.  This is not commercial aircraft hovering over my building.

8:30 PM  Pinprick to right hip.  Plane overhead.  Heavy rain.

8:43 PM  Electrical shock to my neck.  Plane overhead.  Heavy rain.

8:47 PM  Pinprick in left thigh.  Plane overhead.  Heavy rain.

9:16 PM  Both legs involuntarily move for one second as if electrical current has been applied to them.

9:21 PM  Dagger to bottom of right foot.

9:23 PM  THUD! drops on comforter directly on top of left knee.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3:32 AM  Tap on the comforter over left knee.  Plane overhead.  It woke me up from my sleep.

4:51 AM  THUD! on comforter over both knees; then a moving wave travels longitudinally up the comforter the distance of one foot from the knees to the thighs.  It woke me up again.  This is sleep deprivation.  Aircraft continually overhead.

Moreover, logs kept on the night of March 1 - 2, 2009 when NYC had the snowstorm indicate that an aircraft hovered over my apartment building all night long delivering electrical shocks to my brain and torso and also causing deep cracks in the walls of my apartment.  On March 2, 2009 Central Park recorded that 6.5 inches of snow had fallen and NYC schools were closed.

The electrical shocks, pinpricks, sleep deprivation, and destruction to walls and flooring are experienced by others in Rego Park.  Two neighbors who reside across the street from me, both women living alone, are experiencing the same; twin brothers who live a few blocks away are also experiencing electrical shocks to the body.  Because they, too, are maintaining logs, we have found that the precise times listed in our logs are synchronous.  More often than not, the victims are people living alone. The Nazis in the Pentagon prefer to experiment on people who live alone so that there are no witnesses present to testify in court.

The results are significant: we have had three instances of brain cancer among people under 50 on my block; a woman who lived alone, who was known by all to be a very capable real estate broker, first developed cancer, then dementia, and was removed from her apartment in a straitjacket. It is known that assaulting the body with EMs disrupts its natural Circadian rhythm, causes insomnia, cancer, leukemia, loss of impulse control, and OCDs. 

Note this disturbing fact: when the American embassy in Moscow was being targeted with EMs by the USSR in the 1960s, the American government chose to leave its employees there so that the CIA could collect data and profit from the Russian experiment; as a result 3 US ambassadors died, and other employees became sick. Garnering data on the effects of EMs on the human body is important and has military applications: the nation that can destroy its enemies from a distance with no intervention other than radio waves, can rule the world. 

The Nazi experiments currently being conducted in Queens were approved by the Bush administration, since they began after the 2000 elections. Their purpose is to ascertain whether EMs can be administered from a distance to accelerate the aging process, develop all kinds of cancers, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and dementia. It is stunning that the victims of this experimentation are most often women living alone. The Nazis that infest the upper echelons of the Pentagon consider women who live alone to be marginal citizens. The time has come to write letters to Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Silvestre Reyes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Our health is at stake. It is known that sleep deprivation accelerates the aging process. I look a lot older than I did just a year ago. I am 57 years old.  A year ago I looked 45. Now I look 75. The Nazis in the Pentagon are collating large amounts of data that only burgeoning metropoli such as NYC can yield.

I do not wish to be paid for this article: I am very highly taxed, as I do not have any dependents or deductions, and I do not wish to add to my 1040.

[OK, this time we'll hold onto the check. But good luck with those pinpricks.]

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