New Bronx Beep Lives in Brooklyn, "Mixed" on Atlantic Yards

As regular readers will have noticed, we are a little slow on the uptake sometimes, and didn't realize before now that new Bronx Beep Earl Brown (who replaced Adolfo Carrion, gone to join the Obama Administration) is actually a resident of Brooklyn, specifically Prospect Heights, the neighborhood the Times called "the Atlantic Yards area" on Sunday. We learned this from Mike McLaughlin's interview with Brown for the Brooklyn Paper. Brooklyn makes, the world takes! We also learned that Brown has "mixed emotions" about the Atlantic Yards project. While he's happy to see some development at the site, Brown notes that "the portion on the Prospect Heights side needs development," too, and that "the scale might be a little too large for Prospect Heights and Fort Greene. Putting a Midtown-sized development in the middle of residential low-rise Brooklyn will be a permanent change the community." Can he maybe do a Freaky Friday sometime with Yards booster Marty Markowitz? (h/t No Land Grab.)

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