New This Week in the Voice

New This Week in the Voice

Michael Lacey tells us why Janet Napolitano has been a disastrous Arizona Governor whose overzealous border patrols have actually made a bad situation worse -- and what that portends for her proposed tenure as Obama's Secretary of Homeland Security. Dan Weiss finds there's a Web Sheriff in town -- and his strongarm tactics against music blogs may be doing bands more harm than good. Speaking of blogs, Kevin Baker chronicles the abuse author Darin Strauss (More Than It Hurts You) got from easily-ticked book-bloggers as he limped across the country on his ill-starred book tour.

J. Hoberman sees Steven Soderbergh's Che -- every last hour of it! (And against John Patrick Shanley's Doubt Ella Taylor has her certainty.) Rob Harvilla interviews electronic audio assailant Dan Deacon. Lynn Yaeger's got the cheap gifts, Tom Robbins has the goods on a judge's prosecution, Nat Hentoff brings the righteous indignation, and Michael Musto got free lunch with Milk.

There's more and it's all free. Go to the front page and dig in. (Update: The Hitler illo above refers to Nazi Literature in the Americas, one of our Best Books of 2008.)

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