New York City Dorms Are Insanely Expensive

The room and board is too damn high -- especially at The New School.
The room and board is too damn high -- especially at The New School.

In last week's cover story on student debt at NYU, we noted that part of the issue is that New York City is just a very expensive place to live.

Illustrating that point, a list released today of the most expensive college dorms for the 2011-2012 school year. Surprise! New York schools dominate the list, which tabulates the average cost of a two-room double with meal plan.

NYU actually comes in second on the list (up from 14th place last year), with an average cost of $15,181. Returning this year in the top slot is the New School, at $18,080.

Also in the top ten are two Fordham campuses, St. John's, Pace, and Marymount Manhattan College -- all New York City schools.

Dorm living is expensive in California as well: UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Santa Barbara are all in the top 20 as well. But as the New York Times reports today in a delightfully illustrated story, at least college kids at UC Merced have an alternative: take advantage of the foreclosure-wracked Central Valley real estate market to move into dirt-cheap McMansions where they can do their homework in the jacuzzi.

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