New York City Hits Record 70 Degrees. In November.

New York City Hits Record 70 Degrees. In November.

By now you've surely noticed the death rays in our atmosphere that resulted in unseasonably warm temperatures as the city finished digesting its Thanksgiving meal. The New York Times has just reported that today, November 28, 2011, is the warmest November 28 on record since 1896, tied with 1990. This means you can walk around New York like it's an autumn movie set, what with the blustery winds and colored trees, without the shivering and runny noses that fall usually brings.

At a high of 70 degrees, this post-Turkey Day spring spell is both pretty awesome and really depressing, considering we haven't had to wear a jacket since the snowstorm before Halloween.

While New York is getting sunned upon, the South has taken the opposite approach: a cold spell is hitting the Deep South, meaning that Alabama may be getting the flakes that New Yorkers desperately deserve.

The notoriously unreliable 10 day forecast shows temperatures dropping next week, with a 38-degree rainy day coming December 7. We recommend getting outside to enjoy your pretend fall while it lasts.

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