New York City: The Smell of the Summer Is Here

In the three days of August that New Yorkers have experienced thus far, the weather has -- for August -- been overcast, temperate, and really: not too bad. Yet, a classic New York Problem has emerged without fail like it does every year. In today's edition of I Tweet NY, it'd appear that The Summer Stink of the City has finally emerged.

Videogum editor Gabe Delahaye thinks we've reached a definitive point.

While some neighborhoods have distinct textures of said scent...

Other neighborhoods have their own distinct olfactory stimulation...

Some are even plausibly non-human variations:

While certain locations have a more general quality to them:

Others can get very, very distinct. Very:

And sometimes, New York City just reminds us of other places!

Conclusion: The Smell of Summer in the City has arrived. It's that time to separate yourselves from the pack, New Yorkers. You know how to do it: Breathe through your mouth, but never be a mouthbreather.


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