New York City "UFOs" May Have Been Caused by Something So Banal as an Engagement Party

According to a group of elementary school kids from the Milestone School in Mount Vernon, those unidentified flying objects sighted over Chelsea last afternoon that had everybody all worked up are actually just escapee balloons from their teacher's engagement party, the Daily News reports. Say it's not so!

The National Weather Service confirms that due to wind conditions this little gambit from Westchester to Manhattan's West Side might indeed be possible. Cops confirm that the balloon theory is likely. And a fourth grader confirms that the balloons "looked big and they were all together, so it looked like one UFO."

While our minds accept that we are probably not as smart as a fourth grader, our hearts do not. Holding out hope for the little green guy...somewhere, somehow, our prince will come. May he not be carrying a "Bling Bling Andrea Finally Got the Ring" sign.

[via NYDN]


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