New York Is America's Top City for Bedbugs

According to a survey released by the pest-control people at Terminix, New York is again the number one city for bedbugs in the US of A. Congrats, all. This summer keeps being touted as the "summer of bedbugs," and it's great to know that we're succeeding on that front. Truthfully, it's horrible to know that we're succeeding on that front. If you decide you want to move to a less bedbuggy city, the list of the 15 most infested places is after the jump. Can we have your apartment? Does your apartment have bedbugs?

1. New York 2. Cincinnati 3. Detroit 4. Chicago 5. Philadelphia 6. Denver 7. Washington, D.C. 8. Los Angeles 9. Boston 10. San Francisco 11. Columbus, Ohio 12. Dayton, Ohio 13. Baltimore 14. Louisville, Kentucky 15. Dallas

Keep in mind, of course, that we're talking about bedbugs more these days, which means people are reporting them more. If you do think you have bedbugs, you should deal with them immediately because we hear they only get worse. Check the page on bedbug info, and call 311 or 212 NEWYORK for more information. You can also check the handy Bed Bug Registry to get infestation information for locations (like hotel rooms, sublet addresses, businesses and whatnot) in New York and other cities.

New study: What U.S. city is No. 1 for bed bug infestations? [USA Today]

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