New York Parks Officials Increase Fees on Fun

It's gonna be nice out this weekend, folks. Real nice. And we deserve it. The forecast for us at Voice HQ is in the 60s and sunny. Perfect for pillow fights, patio pinochle, and... park-going, obviously.

But... what's that you say? As part of a plan to "save the parks from Governor David Paterson's budget," the state is raising the cost of enjoying your outdoor activities -- for a total of $4 million in fee increases -- starting April 3. Perfect timing!

In addition to increased greens fees and vehicle use fees at beaches and parks, a new "out-of-state camping surcharge" adds a $5 fee for overnight camping for non-New Yorkers. Which, frankly, we would be happy to take on ourselves, if it gets us out of having to eat gorp.

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